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Review of 1MR By BPI Sports

No Need For Drugs, A Healthy Food Supplement To Achieve Fitness Goals

What does it stand for? It stands for One More Rep, is a pre-workout supplement from BPI Sports that gives an added boost of energy to help you get motivated for your workout. If you ever have to push yourself to get to the gym after a hard day at work, this pre-workout supplement could be the answer you need. With a blast of caffeine, Beta Alanine, L-Arginine, and Creatine Monohydrate, this supplement actually makes a difference that you can feel very quickly.


I have tried several different pre-workout supplements, so I have a pretty good idea of how one should work. I have been using this supplement for over a year, and I have found it to be the best one for me in comparison to the others available. I would however give one word of caution - if you are sensitive to stimulants, you should NOT try to start out using an entire scoop. Each full serving contains 300 mg of caffeine, and this can lead to some serious side effects if your body is not used to high amounts of stimulants. Now, on to my review!

What does it Cost?

I think it is fairly reasonable for the price, depending on where you purchase it from. Some places end up costing around $2.40 per serving, while I have found others for as low as $1.80 depending on whether it is on sale or not. If you are sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, you can easily get away with only using half a serving, which then makes this a great price for the amount that you get since it will last well over a month. If you do not use it every day, obviously you will get even more out of each tub, time wise.

Mixability and Taste

Supplement Facts

I know taste is not important to some people as long as a supplement works, but if you don't have to choke it down, I think that just adds to the overall value. I would have to give 1MR an 8 out of 10 for taste and mix-ability. I personally love the fruit punch flavor, but the watermelon and lemon lime are pretty tasty as well. While most of the other pre-workout supplements I have tried left a rather bad after taste, I did not notice that with this supplement. The taste is rather sweet and tangy, and I did not have to force myself to drink it. If you do think the flavor is a bit too strong for your liking, adding a little bit more water lessened the tang, without seeming to affect how the supplement performed. The sweetness was a bit of a surprise, especially since there are no added sugars or fillers.

Mix-ability was great with this supplement! I simply throw in a scoop into my shaker cup with some ice, and after just a short period of time of shaking (maybe 15 or 20 seconds), it is completely mixed with no clumps. If you let it sit for a few minutes before you drink it, I would recommend shaking it again to make sure it stays mixed together well as I did notice a bit of settling if I did not gulp it straight down.

Enery and Focus

Focus and Pump

I would give it at least a 9/10 for focus! The first time I took this, I was ready to explode within half an hour, and I absolutely had to get to the gym. When I got there, I just wanted to tear up the place because I had so much energy! I used an entire scoop the first time, and I learned pretty quickly that I needed to start with a half a scoop and work my way up. While I had an amazing bursts of energy that first time, I got extremely jittery and anxious during my workout. I was drenched in sweat within the first 10 minutes, and had serious anxiety for several hours afterwards. When it finally wore off, I crashed HARD - I literally had no energy to do anything but sleep. I also felt like I was going to puke at any time, which did put a damper on my workout.

Since I had purchased an entire tub, I decided to adjust the serving size to see if that helped at all because I did not want to waste my money. The second time I used it, I took half a scoop, and still got an amazing rush of energy. This time I did not have to deal with the jitteriness or anxiety, and the extra energy had me working out for much longer than I usually do. After my workout, I noticed I had more energy for the rest of the day as well, and there were no stomach issues either. I would also like to mention that you should probably not take this in the evening. The energy lasts for quite a while, and that has led me to be wide awake at 3AM, which is not good if you normally need to get up at 6 AM!

1mr All Flavours

When I first started using this health supplement, I was using it every day. I was able to increase the dosage within about a week, and by building up to the full dose, I felt much better. I did notice after the first full tub that I seemed to be developing a tolerance to it, so I began using it every other day. That seemed to help immensely, and I have been using it like that every since with no tolerance issues.

I got a great pump with it as well, perhaps the best one I have gotten compared to other pre-workouts (PWO's). I also noticed that my veins looked wider. This has Beta Alinine and Niacian, which both give me a pretty incredible burn when I use it. Some people hate this feeling, but I think it helps me really focus on what I am trying to do anyway. I love getting to the gym and having that "I have to lift right this very minute" feeling, and 1MR definitely provides that!

The extra energy I received, really helped me start seeing more results, much faster. I had serious gains in strength and endurance through my workouts, which has obviously resulted in mass gains as well. You do have to take it mixed with water on an empty stomach to get the most energizing results, but I did not really see that as a problem either.

1MR Benefits

Overall Review

Overall, I give 1MR by BPI Sports a 9 out of 10. It provides an awesome burst of energy that actually forces you to get to the gym. You can work out harder, and longer, which obviously leads to great pumps. I have been taking this for over a year, and even though I do notice a tolerance to it if I take it every day, taking it every other day has still worked out perfectly for me.

I would have loved to give this a 10 out of 10, but with the shakiness and anxiety that happens until your body is used to it, I just cannot do that. I think a perfect rating is just that, the supplement needs to be absolutely perfect the way it is recommended.

If you are ready to try a pre-workout supplement, or you have built up tolerance to the one you are currently using, I would definitely recommend that you try 1MR. It provides one hell of a punch that will make sure you are ready to hit the gym, even if you are tired or worn out before you take it.