Cairns Counselling Service - Cairns

The Cairns Treatment Services provides clinical counselling and support to individuals who wish to address their drug use and any co-occurring mental health concerns (dual diagnosis). Counselling and support can also be provided to significant others or carers of someone with substance use and/or mental health concerns.

The Cairns Counselling Service aims to support clients in achieving their chosen goals for change. Counselling can focus on:

  • Drug use and mental health concerns (dual diagnosis)
  • Motivational support to moderate, reduce or cease drug use
  • Health education
  • Relapse prevention and management
  • Crisis support
  • Referral into other specialist services such as detoxification rehabilitation and pharmacotherapy programs
  • Support for significant others/carers of someone affected by substance use and/or mental health concerns

Counselling delivered through the Cairns Treatment Service is also supported by the MudMaps Group. 

For more information or to access counselling at QuIHN Cairns please contact the QuIHN Cairns office.



QuIHN Cairns
60 Pease St
Manoora Qld
07 4032 1463