Funeral Homes & Funeral Directors

Families sometimes ask if we can recommend the services of a particular funeral home or director. To help with this we have put together a quick guide to finding a funeral home in your nearest area. FDA is a website that has listed all of the local funeral homes and categorised them by location. There is also a lot of information about their services and contact details for each of the funeral companies.

Funeral homes are there to guide you and your family through all of your funeral care needs. They assist with the grieving process and help make arrangements leading up to a funeral service, as well as after. They assist with the registration of the Death Certificate with Births Deaths and Marriages and can also notifyVeterans Affairs and Centrelink.

It's important to check if there were any wishes or notes left by the deceased before contacting funeral companies. They may have made funeral arrangements already or pre-paid their funeral with a company of their choice. If nothing is found, it would then be advised that you begin enquiring with local funeral homes.

Their professional services to come at a cost, though some funeral homes are cheaper than others, so be sure to ask for a list of prices before making any commitment or decisions. You can find a list of the local funeral homes in each capital city by following the links below depending on your location in Australia.


Funeral Directors Brisbane

A list of funeral homes serving the greater Brisbane area including the inner, northern and eastern suburbs. Click here for FDA's list of Brisbane funeral directors.


Funeral Directors Sydney

Search through the list of funeral homes in all Sydney suburbs. Some funeral directors in Sydney have multiple locations. Click here for FDA's list of Sydney funeral directors.


Funeral Directors Melbourne

Melbourne has many funeral homes covering almost all suburbs. Take a look through the list on the FDA website. Click here for FDA's list of Melbourne funeral directors.


Funeral Directors Perth

Full of funeral homes that have been long established, Perth is well serviced by funeral directors. Click here for FDA's list of Perth funeral directors.


Choosing the right funeral director

Review and prices are just two things for families to consider when comparing funeral directors.. Differences in price and service levels can be large from differing funeral directors in Australia so doing your research is crucial in finding the right one for you.

Cremation only (without a service) may seem unreasonable for a lot of individuals, an increasing interest in Australia is to have a direct cremation with a post-cremation service a number of days later. Lower costs gives family, friends and those closest a chance to grieve together and farewell their loved one.

Deciding on a corporate or family-owned funeral home is a personal decision. Company operated funeral directors are often able to charge a premium. Privately-owned funeral homes may be more flexible in their service, but are often better suited to the local needs of the Australian city they serve. We hope this link guide has been useful for you.