Group Work

QuIHN offers a range of therapeutic and psychosocial groups for people whose lives are affected by substance use and any related mental health and/or parenting and family issues that may be present.

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Positive Action and Education Groups

Facilitated open psychosocial education groups for individuals making or contemplating changes to behaviours relating to substance use or the interaction of co-occurring substance and mental health. 


Positive Changes Group - Gold Coast

MudMaps Group - Cairns

MudMaps Group - Brisbane

mental health and illicit substance education (MAISE) GROUPS

The MAISE (mental health and illicit substance education) group is a support, skill building and education program for anyone experiencing the negative effects of drug use and mental health problems (dual diagnosis). MAISE is designed to support on-going case management or counselling and requires a referral from a case manager, support worker or counsellor for participation.


MAISE GROUP - Brisbane

MAISE GROUP - Sunshine Coast

QUIHN's Approach to Group Work

QuIHN’s group programs complement the individual counselling we provide and are influenced by the same client centred approach. The groups cover a range of relevant topics and offer many opportunities for skill development and group members are also valued for the existing experience and knowledge that they bring to the group process. Members are encouraged to actively contribute ideas, strategies, successes and failures with the rest of the group. This shared input sparks valuable discussion and reflection and improves the overall learning opportunities for the groups as a whole.