Hepatitis C Treatment and Management Program

The Treatment and Management Program (TMP) is a Hepatitis C treatment program (delivered outside the traditional tertiary hospital settings) targeting marginalised populations, including: People Who Inject Drugs (PWID), Opiate Substitution Therapy clients, and Community Rehabilitation clients (those involved in non-pharmacological drug treatment programs).

The program uses a ‘Treatment as Prevention’ framework and is delivered across 4 regions of Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Townsville).

The Treatment and Management Program seeks to provide innovative strategies and models of care that aim to increase access to treatment/care for PWID and selected target groups with chronic viral hepatitis C infection involving the following strategies: Treatment in Injecting Drug Environment (TIDE) project (a case management approach that provides social supports during work up, treatment access, treatment maintenance and treatment completion); shared care services delivered through QuIHN’s Better Access General Practice (G.P.) Clinics (Brisbane and Gold Coast), Nurse Practitioner services and external G.P. clinics willing to be involved in shared care; and, referral to specialist care for clinical HCV assessment, monitoring, surveillance and treatment.

The TMP seeks to demonstrate that people with chronic HCV who are currently injecting drugs (or are on a drug pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacological drug treatment programs) can successfully undertake HCV assessment and treatment when combined with appropriate, flexible, tailored support from relevant non-government organisations within a community setting.

If you know of or are someone who has hepatitis C infection and injects drugs, or is on Opiate Substitution Therapy, or are accessing services to assist you reduce or cease substance use you may be eligible for the program. Contact your nearest QuIHN office and ask to speak with one of the TIDE Workers for more information.


QuIHN Brisbane
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