Peer Education and Info

Peer education sessions aim to support people who inject drugs in Queensland to effectively pass on information about harm reduction and blood borne virus prevention practices throughout their own peer networks.

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TIDE Project - Hepatitis C Treatment Support

The TIDE project is a Hepatitis C virus (HCV) Education, Support and Treatment Case Management Project. It is designed to offer flexible and tailored support to people who Inject drugs, people on Opiate Substitution Therapy (OST), and people accessing drug rehabilitation services during all stages of Hepatitis C diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment in a non-judgmental and respectful environment. TIDE Project seeks to support those people onto accessing the new Hepatitis C Treatments.


TIDE Project - Brisbane


TIDE PROJECT - Sunshine Coast

Qld Pharmacotherapy Advice & Mediation Service (QPAMS)

QPAMS is the QLD Pharmacotherapy Advice & Mediation Service and is a peer based service supporting people who are on pharmacotherapy treatment in QLD.

QuIHN’s Infection Control Sessions (QuICS)

QuIHN regularly runs QuIHN’s Infection Control Sessions (QuICS). This program is a peer education program targeting people who currently inject drugs to increase their knowledge around the harms that can be associated with injecting drug use.

Peer Education

Peer education when applied to illicit drug use is aimed at reducing drug-related harms and promoting the health of people who use drugs through effecting changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours of individual drug users, and influencing the norms and culture of drug use groups.

Client Support

QuIHN regularly host social gatherings that allow clients to interact with QuIHN staff and external providers in a less formal manner making it a good opportunity for service users to get more of their needs met.


Client Support - Brisbane

Client Support - Gold Coast

Client Support - Sunshine Coast

Client Support - Cairns