QuICS Project

QuIHN regularly runs QuIHN’s Infection Control Sessions (QuICS). This program is a peer education program targeting people who currently inject drugs to increase their knowledge around the harms that can be associated with injecting drug use.

The program is a staged program with several levels of involvement; however, the basic introductory program is generally run over the course of 1 day with lunch and other incentives provided. Topics include:

  • Harm reduction principles
  • Hepatitis C prevention/treatment
  • HIV/AIDS prevention/treatment
  • Vein Care and other injecting related injury, illness and diseases
  • Overdose prevention and first aid
  • Sexual health and sexually transmitted infections prevention/treatment
  • Safer drug use

Other topics can be included as the program is flexible and it allows various health and other issues to be incorporated depending on the particular audience. QuICS aims to support people who inject drugs in Queensland to effectively deliver peer education about harm reduction information and practices among their own drug use networks. The key objectives of QuICS include the following:

  • Participants and their network members understand blood borne virus transmission
  • Participants and their network members understand harm reduction principles
  • Participants and their network members improve safer injecting practices
  • Participants build skills to effectively deliver peer education
  • Participants receive accredited and non-accredited training qualifications

If you or anyone you know might be interested in attending QuICS please contact your closest QuIHN office.


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